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Sanoral Dental Clinic Budapest - dentistry & implantology & orthodontics   +3620 2596363  +3613210577    BUDAPEST ERZSÉBET KÖRÚT 58.

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esztfog444At Sanoral Denatl Clinic the professional oral hygiene process is done using an ultrasound scaler and the latest “Air Brush” method.

Good oral hygiene is the principal prophylactic measure against tooth decay and periodontal disease. One of the most important causes of tooth decay is dental plaque and the micro-organisms that lurk in it. Halitosis, and unhealthy and loose teeth — these are the most common signs of periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) when caries is present. During the day the surface of your teeth gets covered in food detritus and a mixture of microbes and cells that have worn away from the upper epithelial layer of the mouth’s mucous membranes, which form a whitish-grey and hard-to-detect soft layer.

sanoral oral hygSince toothbrushes do not always successfully clean 100% of the surface of the teeth, the micro-organisms in deposits that stay on the teeth for a few days begin to excrete toxins that affect the gums, and can eventually cause inflammation. Plaque deposits that are not removed become mineralised and tophus may form, which impedes the natural cleaning of the mouth and retains bacteria, thereby creating the conditions for ongoing inflammation. If the causes are not removed, the inflammation continues, with damage to dentine pockets, loss of bone tissue and loosening of the teeth, which may eventually be lost.
Gingivitis is the early phase of dentine damage. When you have this disease your gums are red, swollen, and they bleed when you brush your teeth. At this stage the disease is treatable and can be cured by correct application of individual and professional oral hygiene procedures. A more widespread disease of the gums is periodontitis, which may result in loose teeth, bone damage, loss of teeth. Treatment of long-standing periodontitis is complex and can require considerable expenditure.
In order to block the path of the afore-mentioned tooth and gum diseases, it is essential to perform a professional oral hygiene process, the goal of which is to remove soft and hard deposits (plaque and tophus), to arrest the development of caries and gum and periodontal diseases, and to refresh the buccal cavity.

During the professional oral hygiene process tophus is removed using an ultrasound scaler, while hard and soft deposits are cleaned away using the latest method: the Air Flow system. This is an excellent and non-painful means of removing tobacco, coffee and tea stains. Air Flow uses a strong jet of air, water and sodium carbonate powder to quickly clean accumulated tooth deposits even in the most hard-to-get-at places. After the professional oral hygiene process you will enjoy the feeling of comfort and cleanliness in your mouth.

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Erzsébet körút 58. (2nd floor) 
1073 Budapest, Hungary 
 +361 3210577  +3620 259 6363